By Fifi Rodriguez
1. PSYCHOLOGY: What is aviatophobia?
2. HOLIDAYS: When did Christmas become a federal holiday in the United States?
3. FOOD & DRINK: What color replaced tan in M&M candies in 1995?
4. ASTRONOMY: Triton is a moon of which planet in our solar system?
5. LITERATURE: Who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2007?
6. HISTORY: What startling discovery did Howard Carter make in 1922?
7. MUSIC: Who composed the opera “Tristan and Isolde”?
8. FASHION: When was the first modern brassiere invented?
9. ENTERTAINMENT: What were the names of the five Marx brothers?
10. GAMES: In Monopoly, what color is the Oriental Avenue square?

1. Fear of flying
2. In 1870
3. Blue
4. Neptune
5. Doris Lessing
6. Tutankhamun’s Tomb
7. Richard Wagner
8. 1913, by socialite Mary Phelps Jacob
9. Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Gummo and Zeppo
10. Light blue

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