By Fifi Rodriguez
1. MEASUREMENTS: What period of years is described by the term “duodecennial”?
2. TELEVISION: What is the name of Homer Simpson’s dog?
3. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is the scientific name of a turtle’s shell?
4. MYTHOLOGY: What was the name of the Greek goddess of vengeance?
5. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: In what country is the airline company Aer Lingus based?
6. GEOGRAPHY: What is the largest island in the Caribbean?
7. COMICS: What was the name of Superman’s pet monkey?
8. LEGAL: What is a codicil?
9. MOVIES: What was the name of the main character (played by Mel Gibson) in “Braveheart”?
10. LANGUAGE: What does the abbreviation P.S. stand for?

1. 12 years
2. Santa’s Little Helper
3. Carapace
4. Nemesis
5. Ireland
6. Cuba
7. Beppo
8. Addition to a will
9. William Wallace
10. Postscript

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