By Fifi Rodriguez
1. U.S. STATES: What time zone is the state of Alabama in?
2. LANGUAGE: What does the Greek prefix “crypto” mean?
3. SCIENCE: What does an ichthyologist study?
4. MOVIES: What was the name of the spaceship in the film “Alien”?
5. ABBREVIATIONS: What was the abbreviation D.A.R. stand for?
6. MUSIC: Who wrote the Beatles’ song “Here Comes the Sun”?
7. MEASUREMENTS: The word “octennial” refers to a period of how many years?
8. MATH: What is an improper fraction?
9. GEOGRAPHY: What did the African nation of Burkina Faso used to be called?
10. RELIGION: What was Pope John Paul II’s real name?

1. Central
2. Hidden
3. Fish
4. Nostromo
5. Daughters of the American Revolution
6. George Harrison
7. Eight years
8. A fraction where the numerator is greater than or equal to its denominator.
9. Upper Volta
10. Karol Wojtyla

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