Terry O’Quinn stars as “John Locke” on “Lost”

By DNA Smith
There aren’t any major movie releases this week, but Boy Howdy are there some awesome TV series boxed sets coming out.

Lost: The Complete Sixth & Final Season/Lost: The Complete Collection (Unrated) — Two huuuuge releases for Losties this week: The final season’s boxed set and a massive, goody-laden collection of the complete series.

The Season 6 set is just about what you’d expect: All the episodes, audio commentaries, bloopers, deleted scenes, a couple of supplemental featurettes, plus the much-hyped coda featuring the adventures of Hugo and Ben Linus after the events of the finale as they take on the job of being caretakers of the island.

“The Complete Collection” is more than just a boxed set of all six seasons. It’s 38 discs (one of which contains all-new never-before-seen content); more than 30 hours of bonus material; plus, a replica of the island, episode guide, an ankh, black light and a playable Senet game with black and white stones.

The packaging of “The Complete Collection” is simply awesome. Of course, Awesome comes at a price, so expect to pony up anywhere from $150 to $230.

Pawn Stars: Season Two (Unrated) — Just about everyone has their reality-show guilty pleasure. Some folks get their kicks with the guidos on the “Jersey Shore,” but for my money, I’ll take Las Vegas and the Harrison clan.

The History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” is the perfect storm of kitsch, white-trash drama and High Weirdness. It’s like “Antiques Roadshow” made a baby with the gang from “American Chopper.”

Every Monday night, a parade of desperate individuals enter the Harrisons’ pawn shop. Some have odd or interesting stuff to sell, like an antique barber chair or a rare coin or pinball machine, or vintage Army flamethrower. Others bring in things — like the legendary Taj Mahal Treasure — that make you ask, “Why are these idiots trying to sell this at a pawn shop instead of auctioning it off at Christies?”

It’s this bizarre mix of the mundane, odd and outright mind-blowingly ridiculous that makes “Pawn Stars” one of the most entertaining reality shows on TV. The Season Two set contains all 32 episodes and some bonus footage.

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