Lindsay Pulsipher

Lindsay Pulsipher

By Cindy Elavsky
Q: One of my favorite reality shows is “The Real Housewives” series on Bravo. I especially love Bethenny Frankel on the New York series, and I wondered if that show and/or Bethenny would be back? — Michele M., Bel Air, Md.

A: I spoke with Bethenny recently, and she told me she has no plans to return to the “Real Housewives.” In her words: “I very highly doubt I will go back to ‘Housewives.’ I don’t see any reason or upside for that.” Besides, Bethenny is pretty busy these days as a new mom, a newlywed and promoting her “Body by Bethenny” workout DVD.

And if you are wondering how she shed all that baby weight, it’s simple: “[The weight] came off afterward, because I wasn’t extreme about dieting nor had I binged while pregnant. Just be balanced before, during and after, and treat your diet like a bank account, and you will have no issue.”
Q: I really love the addition of Lindsay Pulsipher on “True Blood,” but this makes me doubt the potential re-emergence of “FlashForward,” since Lindsay played teenaged Charlie in one of the final scenes’ flash-forwards. Should I give up on the dream of “FlashForward” being picked up by another network? — Fred J., via e-mail

A: I am sad to report that I think yes, the dream might be over. Many fans, including myself, were drawn into the exciting series and had hoped that maybe TNT or AMC would save it from extinction. When I asked Lindsay about the possibility, she wasn’t super hopeful of a “FlashForward” resurrection.

“There hasn’t been any talk of that, that I know of, unfortunately,” Lindsay tells me. “I know a lot of people really loved that show, and I think it had amazing potential to be really great next season. Unfortunately, I have not heard anything, but you never know — if another cable network wants to pick it up, that would be amazing!”
Q: What happened to the NBC drama series “Trauma”? One week it was on, the next it was gone. Will it be back? — Judy, Waverly, Ohio

A: “Trauma,” a medical drama that centers on a group of paramedics in San Francisco, was officially canceled by the network this past May due to low ratings.
READERS: A few months back, a reader wrote in to ask who co-starred with Mariette Hartley in the series of cute, bickering husband-and-wife commercials. I created a contest asking you readers to help, and from those who answered correctly, five would win an autographed copy of Mariette Hartley’s autobiography, “Breaking the Silence.” After sifting through hundreds of submissions, I have randomly drawn five winners: Diane L. of Whitesboro, N.Y.; Trish C. of Waldorf, Md.; Barbara C. of Palm Springs, Calif.; Edward A. of Woodbury, Conn.; and Gordon D. (via e-mail). They, along with many of you who wrote in, knew the answer was James Garner. Thank you all for entering!

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