Local shelters to raise money with diamond battle

Sunday Times Newspapers

Trenton’s Teifer Park has gone to the dogs — sort of.

Riverview-based PAWS of Michigan will face off with Wyandotte-based Shelter to Home, Inc. in a fundraising softball game 2 p.m. Sunday at the park at 2900 William R, southeast of Fort Street and West Road.

The game is the main event of the collaborative day between PAWS and Shelter to Home that runs from 1 to 5 p.m. at the park. Other events include a raffle, 50/50, kids games and informational booths.

“For those people interested in finding out what a rescue group is all about, this is a perfect way for them to come in, meet the groups and participate in a fun, family event,” said Terra Muscat, PAWS of Michigan board member.

PAWS is heavily involved with the Wyandotte Animal Pound, and Shelter to Home’s P.O. Box is based in Allen Park, broadening the scope of this Downriverwide event.

“Be prepared to have a good time in the name of charity and animal rescue,” said Mary Gasiewski, volunteer coordinator at Wyandotte Animal Pound. “We’re more excited for people to show up. We need an excuse from the public to keep doing it every year.”

Gasiewski said no animals from either shelter will be at the event because of the warm temperatures, but residents are encouraged to bring their pets. More than 100 people are expected and the groups hope to raise $500 for the first of what they hope will become an annual event. The two charities will split the raffle and 50-50 collections down the middle.

For the softball game, everyone participating is putting in $5 to play, and the winning team takes home the total entry fees. Shelter to Home President Shelley Bawol has an edge as a local middle school physical education teacher, but Gasiewski said she’d have a good time regardless of the game’s outcome.

“It’s just going to be everyone combined. Whoever wins is going to take home the profit. It’s all in good, competitive nature,” Gasiewski said. “Shelter of Home has plenty of sporty volunteers. We’ve got some pretty competitive people.

“We’ve got some guys who are so good it surprises me they don’t play regularly. We’re having so much fun practicing that I’ll have fun even if no one comes, but we’d love to see people come.”

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