By Fifi Rodriguez
1. INVENTIONS: What company invented the floppy disk?
2. MEASUREMENTS: What is the Fahrenheit equivalent of 100 degrees Celsius?
3. LANGUAGE: What does the word “milquetoast” mean?
4. BIBLE: What kind of birds did Noah send out to find dry land?
5. MUSIC: Which pop music song contained the phrase “You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes”?
6. ART: Which Spanish Renaissance painter was famous for the creating the work called “Burial of the Count of Orgaz”?
7. LANDMARKS: In modern estimates, about how long is the Great Wall of China?
8. MOVIES: Who has won the most Oscars for Best Director of a film?
9. FIRSTS: Who was the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate?
10. GEOGRAPHY: How many U.S. states border the state of Missouri?

1. IBM
2. 212 degrees
3. A timid person
4. A raven and a dove
5. “Lyin’ Eyes” by the Eagles
6. El Greco
7. 5,500 miles
8. John Ford, who won four
9. Hattie Caraway of Arkansas
10. Eight

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