Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

By Jill Jackson
HOLLYWOOD … I’m off again on David Letterman. I cannot understand why he thinks dumping things off the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater onto Broadway is fun and games. Most recently tossed were bottles and bottles of champagne. In the past it has been flour, televisions and super balls. But who’s to knock success?

Names I can’t resist: Yoshimoto Kogyo. This is Japan’s leading talent agency and handles all the deals for actors and etc. in that country. Try it in your next spelling bee. And never mind the name. I understand the agency just closed a deal for $674 million. I don’t know if old Will Shakespeare meant anything about this particular agency when he wrote, “What’s in a name?” But this one is certainly BIG in the business.

The little town of Beverly Hills won’t soon forget the mobs that filled the streets outside the courthouse when Lindsay Lohan appeared for her violation of probation hearing and was sentenced to 90 days in jail. One punster declared that once she serves her sentence, we will know the real color of her hair. They don’t provide dye in the “pokey.” Marilyn Monroe has been the only actress who has created as much commotion, and it wasn’t for the same reason.

Chris Pine loves the legitimate theater and takes to the stage whenever he isn’t before the cameras. At this writing he is onstage in Los Angeles in a black comedy titled “The Lieutenant of Inishmore.”

Back to another name that baffles: From the Czech Republic comes word that Srdan Koljevic directs a film titled “The Woman With The Broken Nose,” and at the risk of being corny, that’s all I “knows” about it.

He’s not on the big screen, but he is big on the little one. Larry King announced he’s wrapping up his talk show after 25 years. Certainly not the leading-man type, he has had his share of female partners and has been married seven times. And also if you watch his show on CNN, you might wonder how many pairs of suspenders he owns. Closets full, I guess.

You come to L.A. Where to go? Farmers Market and The Grove. Food, fun and any actor might be found there enjoying it all. It’s on Fairfax Avenue.
BITS ‘N’ PIECES: What with Paris out of town, and Lindsay tucked away, we now have only Britney, and at the moment she seems to be quite subdued. … Tom Cruise reportedly took a substantial cut from his usual $20 million paycheck for action-thriller “Knight and Day,” now out in theaters. … And speaking of hair color, Elizabeth Taylor goes from white to black to blonde. In any color and at any age, she is still a beauty. … Charles is Robert Redford’s first name. Robert is his middle name. He liked that best, and so it is first.

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