Sam Worthington as Perseus

Sam Worthington as Perseus

By DNA Smith
“Clash of the Titans” (PG-13) — What a glorious hot mess of a movie this is. Based on the equally hot-mess stop-motion Ray Harryhausen epic of the 1980s, “Clash of the Titans” is a lot like “300” — lots of buff boys shouting and killin’ stuff — and should be enjoyed in the same vein. The film stars Sam Worthington, that untalented hunk o’ meat from “Avatar,” as Perseus, a guy who doesn’t know that his daddy is Liam Neeson (aka the “Release the Kraken” guy). Perseus goes on a quest to kill stuff: giant scorpions, the Medusa, witches, etc. before Liam Neeson’s brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes, who still insists “Ralph” be pronounced RAFE) destroys a port. Or something. It doesn’t matter. All you need to do is watch stuff get busted up real good, listen to the shouting and keep shoveling down the popcorn and pizza rolls.

“Repo Men” (R) — Speaking of hot messes, this futuristic gorefest starring Forest Whitaker and Jude Law about two guys who repossess body parts from people who can’t make the payments could’ve been a darkly funny satire, but instead settles on the Lotsa Blood Equals Entertainment route. If you’re a fan of the “Saw” or “Hostel” films, you’ll probably like this movie, but everyone else should stay away.

“FIFA World Cup DVD Collection: 1930-2006” (Unrated) — Spanning 15 discs, this boxed set is definitely a must-have for the hardcore soccer fan. And that soccer fan’s name is Ernie Bushmiller of Ft. Lee, N.J. Oh, I kid. I kid. There’s gotta be more than one American who’s so into soccer that they’ll shell out 90 bucks for what is essentially a 24-hour highlight reel of every goal scored in the World Cup final. Also included in the collection are 15 mini-documentaries on the world’s greatest players (Pele and … 14 other guys you’ve probably never heard of). WHOOOOO!!! SOCCER FEVER — CATCH IT!!!

“Rambo: The Complete Collector’s Set” [Blu-Ray] (R) — The set contains the high-def versions of the DVDs: “First Blood: Ultimate Edition,” “Rambo: First Blood Part II: Ultimate Edition,” “Rambo III: Ultimate Edition” and “John Rambo: Special Edition,” complete with all the bells, whistles, commentary tracks and special features included in the previous low-def releases.

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