By Fifi Rodriguez
1. U.S. STATES: Which state is known as “The Pine Tree” state?
2. MATH: What is the decimal equivalent of one-eighth?
3. LANGUAGE: What is the meaning of the French term “canard”?
4. HISTORY: In what year did President Jimmy Carter pardon 10,000 Vietnam War draft resisters?
5. NATURAL WORLD: What are the seeds of castor bean plants used to produce?
6. LITERATURE: Who wrote the novel “Barry Lyndon”?
7. MOVIES: What major film star placed third in the 1950 Mr. Universe contest?
8. FOOD & DRINK: What is the traditional liquor used in making a Tom Collins drink?
9. TELEVISION: What is the address of the award-winning kids’ show “Sesame Street”?
10. DISCOVERIES: Who is credited with discovering quarks in 1963?

1. Maine
2. 0.125
3. A false or misleading story
4. 1977
5. Ricin, a toxic poison
6. William Thackeray
7. Sean Connery
8. Gin
9. 123 Sesame Street
10. Murray Gell-Mann

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