Imogen Poots

Imogen Poots

By Jill Jackson
HOLLYWOOD … Joan Fontaine is enjoying life in Carmel Highlands, Calif., with her five doggies, lots of flower gardens and a great social life. And still more. She has received word from NASA telling her she is a part of history and her name is being sent to Mars on a microchip. HOW ABOUT THAT! … And how about this for a name? Imogen Poots. I kid you not! She is a British actress who has been cast as the female lead in “Fright Night.”

The city has settled down after all the Lakers NBA title madness. I’ve lived here a long time and seen many a demonstration, but never one like we saw when our team took home the basketball championship.

More partying about town to celebrate several new films. Among the famous faces mingling, sipping and chewing were John Lithgow, Kate Beckinsale, Nick Bayless, Betty White, etc. Tou jours, Betty. She seems to be everywhere receiving accolades for her work, and her work with animals.

Aside to Penelope H. of Hammond, La.: Nobody told me, and I didn’t ask her, BUT you’d most certainly be right. Nancy Reagan is looking “younger than springtime.” She assuredly must have had a bit of a tuck here and there. But however, or whatever, hats off to her for “keeping in there” and looking her best.

Lindsay Lohan, blonde again, shopping at Pavilions Market in West Hollywood and having a bad time at the check-out stand. Can’t fault her for that, it’s automatic and difficult to work. Friends there tell me she looked great, and they spotted the alcohol gizmo on her ankle. She was swamped by shoppers wanting an autograph, which she gracefully gave. So much for the saga of Lindsay for this week.

And WOW! What a book! “Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and the Marriage of the Century” by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger (Harper). The authors reveal why the relationship of Taylor and Burton was the “most infamous, publicized, celebrated and condemned relationship” of the day.

No city in the world has more “camp outs” on its streets than Los Angeles. Crowds are always out there on the sidewalks, either for sporting events, movie premieres, parties or just plain films they want to see. As you no doubt know from watching on the tube, they bring their chairs, bedclothes and everything else needed for “living on the street.” And they come from all over, by car, rail, on foot or on two wheels.
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BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Paris, where are you? The blond heiress has not been seen for days capering up and down the big boulevards. … Nor has Leo been spotted making the nightclub rounds. However, that’s just for now. No telling what happens tomorrow. … Indeed, yes! Others besides “bunnies” have posed for Playboy. Through the years, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Collins, Bo Derek, Raquel Welch, Kim Basinger, Catherine Deneuve and others have peeped out at the public from those pages.

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