Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

“Mystery Science Theater 3000: XVIII” (Unrated) — Joel, Mike and the bots are trapped on the Satellite of Love and forced to watch the world’s worst movies — and we get to watch ’em watch. The four episodes chosen for this latest collection are classics, especially “The Lost Continent,” starring Whit Bissel, Cesar Romero and “Leave It to Beaver’s” Hugh Beaumont. A group of scientists go to an island to recover a test rocket that’s flown off-course and encounter ridiculous-looking stop-motion dinosaurs and lizards shot using forced perspective. There is also rock climbing. Lots and lots of rock climbing. So much so, that “rock climbing” became a running a gag in future episodes of the show.

The second feature is “Crash of the Moons” a film stitched together from episodes of the old “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger” television series. Rocky, Winky and his intrepid space crew try to stop an evil Space Dictator (Patsy Parsons) from destroying a moon ruled by the guy who played Sgt. Schultz on “Hogan’s Heroes.”

“The Beast of Yucca Flats” stars the legendary Tor Johnson as a Russian scientist who is turned into a monster following an atomic blast. And the final feature, “Jack Frost” is a weird, Russian/Finnish fairy tale made in the ’60s about two children’s magical adventures, that looks more acid trip than Brothers Grimm.

“World War I in Color” (Unrated) — Shakespearian actor/director Kenneth Branagh narrates this brilliant six-part documentary that does for The Great War what Ken Burns did for The Civil War. Using meticulously colorized archival footage and interviews and personal accounts of soldiers who fought in the war, the horrors, gallantry, the overwhelming scale and emotion of the 20th century’s first global conflict are brought to life.

Not only are the major battles addressed, but also the advances in technology and weaponry of the war — most of which are still in use today — are highlighted, as are the lifestyles of the people who lived during the turn of the century. This series is a must-have for general history buffs and military history aficionados alike.

“Chloe” (R) — “Chloe” is supposed to be a steamy, erotic thriller, but its slow pace and ridiculous “Fatal Attraction” third act destroy whatever prurient interest you might have had in this picture.

The film stars Julianne Moore, a doctor who isn’t taking her descent into middle age gracefully. She suspects her husband (Liam Neeson) is cheating on her. So, she hires Chloe (Amanda Seyfried) — a hooker with huge, dewy, doe eyes and a body like a sex burrito slathered in queso just daring you to take a bite — to seduce her husband to see if he is the cheating type. One thing leads to another, and Moore becomes involved with Chloe and things begin to spin out of control, leading to the aforementioned ridiculous third act. Still, ya get to see that “Mama Mia” chick naked, so it’s definitely worth a rental.

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