School’s a scream as Woodworth becomes Woodsboro for movie set

Special to the Times-Herald

Special to the Times-Herald

Woodworth Middle School became Woodsboro High School on June 29 thanks to a little movie magic and the technical crew for “Scream 4.” Cast and crew members were in town to film scenes.

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DEARBORN – The term “summer school” took on a whole new meaning June 28, as film crews took over Woodworth Middle School.

Signage was changed to read “Woodsboro High School,” the fictional high school of the “Scream” movie franchise, and on June 29 filming for “Scream 4” took place inside and outside the building.

Nearby residents received a politely worded letter about a motion picture “Z” several days beforehand, asking them to limit their on-street parking on Ternes between Colson and Hubbard and on Hubbard between Woodworth and Ternes on Tuesday, June 29 as well as July 6 and July 9.

However, the Woodsboro High signage and the California flag flying below the stars and stripes were undeniable silent confirmation, as was the appearance of star Emma Roberts on June 29. The young actress was spotted by fans as well as autograph seekers; blog site rumors also purported that Hayden Panettiere and Wes Craven were seen on the set.

A neighbor confirmed that Dearborn actors were used as extras.

“Some of them are actual high school kids,” said Ian Kushnir, a resident of nearby 5000 block of Mead Street. “I’ve seen one girl that I know from Dearborn High, and there are probably a couple of more Dearborn High kids in that movie.”

Extras seemed to be dressed in 1990s fashions, consistent with the flashback sequences filmed outside the building. Kushnir noted that all the T-shirts worn by extras were generic, and bore no logos that would date them.

Present-day science classroom scenes were filmed inside the building, local bloggers reported.

Cast and crew trailers were in the teacher parking lot all night June 28. Actors started arriving about 6:30 a.m. June 29. The extras assembled elsewhere, and then were driven to the location in buses or vans. Neighbors also reported that major stars were transported in sport utility vehicles.

One said some neighborhood children got out of hand the night of June 28, “got a little wild” and police were called.

A Twitter post said “Scream” star Neve Campbell was spotted at Salon Vox in Ann Arbor last weekend.

Bloggers also reported plans to film at a Livonia police station June 30 and in Northville on Thursday.