Westborn Market wine specialist invited to New York for seminar

Photo courtesy of Westborn Market

Photo courtesy of Westborn Market

Westborn Market wine specialist Rene Parks visits with Gallo’s Terry Doherty at the Wine Dialogues seminar, hosted by the Gallo Winery, in New York City.

DEARBORN — Rene Parks, wine specialist for Westborn Market, recently was invited as one of only two people from Michigan and 200 from throughout the United States to attend the Wine Dialogues seminar in New York City, hosted by the Gallo Winery.

The event was moderated by wine veteran and master sommelier Joseph Spellman, chairman of the Court of Master Sommeliers.

“To be in the company of such outstanding wine artisans, dine at some of nation’s top restaurants, and participate in an interactive, educational seminar was indescribable,” Parks said. “I understand now why they call New York City ‘the Big Apple,’ because I took a delicious bite. It was a wonderful experience.”

Gina and Matt Gallo, grandchildren of Ernest and Julio Gallo who founded the Gallo Winery in the late 1930s, welcomed the buyers, vineyard owners, suppliers, distributors, wine makers and wine specialists, including Parks.

Before her trip to New York, Parks researched the Gallo Winery and learned that in 2000, one in every four bottles of wine purchased in the United States was a Gallo wine. Today, many are premium brands which are found under well known labels that include MacMurray Pinot Noir, Frei Brothers, William Hill, Barefoot Wines, and Gascon and Alamos Malbec.

Parks was impressed by the Gallos’ rich family history and the commitment to family-run businesses like Westborn Market.

In addition to wine makers and vineyard owners in the United States, the seminar included representatives from Argentina and Spain whose wines are sold by Gallo.

“Each of the seminar presenters helped us understand the goal and taste profiles of each wine produced and learn how they are impacted by the types of grapes selected, soil, elevation and environmental influences,” Parks said. “We were also given time to talk one on one with wine makers, ask questions and taste test a variety of premium Gallo wines.”

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