Skater, coach takes fourth at 2010 U.S. Adult Championships

Photo by Deavers Photography

Photo by Deavers Photography

Emily Naperkoski performs her artistic dramatic program at the 2010 Adult Midwestern Sectional competition, a qualifying round for nationals, last March in Indianapolis.

Sunday Times Newspapers

DEARBORN – Longtime Crystallette synchronized skater and Dearborn Ice Skating Center coach Emily Naperkoski took fourth place in the recent 2010 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships in the Gold Ladies event.

The two and a half minute event, set to music, has required elements, which include jumps, spins, footwork and spirals.

Naperkoski finished fourth in the competition, held April 14 to 17 in Bloomington, Minn., with 32.20 points after landing nine jumps, including two doubles, both of which lost points for their grade of execution, and two Axels. According to the U.S. Figure Skating Association, she earned the third-highest program component mark of 19.82 points and garnered a level three for her straight-line step sequence.

Naperkoski is coached by Cindi Ezzo of Wyandotte.

Adult regional championships, an annual qualifying event for the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, are held in the Pacific Coast, Midwestern and Eastern regions and take place approximately six to eight weeks before the national event.

Naperkoski, 30, started skating at age 3 when her parents were running a special education ice skating program at Bir
mingham’s ice arena. She starting skating with their students and soon started taking lessons herself.

She came to Dearborn 10 years ago, when she earned a spot on the Senior Crystallette Synchronized Skating Team, which she held for nine years before joining the Adult Crystallette Synchronized Team.

Naperkoski has been to world competitions twice as a synchronized skater, once with the Detroit Skating Club and once with the Senior Crystallettes. She primarily has been a synchronized team skater until two years ago, when she started competing as an adult individual after seeing one of her coach’s other students.

Naperkoski has been coaching for 10 years and currently works one-on-one with 23 skaters, primarily in Dearborn and Birmingham, but also in Trenton and Southgate. She also went to college for a few years at a veterinary technology school before turning her focus more fully to skating.

She tries to “eat healthy” and avoids fast foods, with a diet comprising a lot of salads. Naperkoski also takes B-complex vitamins and special supplements that help her knee joints, which have been affected by her years of skating.

She is currently working on her international dances, which are specific tested skating events, and would like to pass some of the free dance tests and as well as that for her novice freestyle. Naperkoski also would like to find a partner for ice dancing, but says that’s a difficult proposition because a dearth of male skaters.