Crowley Park pool gets fixes

Photo by J. Patrick Pepper

Photo by J. Patrick Pepper

A contractor works to fix the leaking pipes at Crowley Park pool Thursday afternoon. The fix, expected complete sometime this week, will cost $8,600 and comes just a few months after city officials had suggested closing all of the city’s aging neighborhood pools to save on maintenance costs in a down budget year.

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Repairs to the foundation and deck at Crowley Park pool are expected to wrap up sometime this week, city officials said.

The City Council last week approved an emergency allocation of $8,600 for the work, following the discovery earlier this month that leaking pipes around the perimeter of the pool had caused sand and soil foundation to wash away.

The repairs come two months after Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. proposed permanently closing the city’s aging neighborhood pools to avoid their projected costly maintenance during a down budget cycle. The proposal eventually was abandoned largely due to a strong public backlash.