City lists guidelines for recreational fires, fire pits

WYANDOTTE —The city and its Fire Department have adopted the following guidelines for dealing with fire pits and open burning complaints.

• Fire pits are to be a commercially available model and be equipped with a fire screen. No round fire pits will be allowed.

• Pits must be located a minimum of 10 feet from any structure, lot line, public way (road or sidewalk) or any combustible material (trees, brush or material that will burn or melt).

• Only dry-seasoned firewood is to be burned. Burning trash, grass clippings, brush or construction debris is not permitted.

• Only small, controllable fires should be set at any given time.

Extinguishment of any fire will be ordered when the Fire Department deems it a nuisance due to excessive smoke or offensive odor, which officials say is most likely to happen from burning moist wood or trash.