Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder

By Jill Jackson
HOLLYWOOD … Winona Ryder is in the news again. This time it’s nothing bad like shoplifting, but raves for her portrayal of Lois Wilson in “When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story” on the Hallmark Hall of Fame series. Also note Winona’s fresh and lovely looking face, maybe a tuck or two? Incidentally, if any of you out there are thinking about a Hollywood career, think about becoming a plastic surgeon. Business is BOOMING!

Another actor in trouble: Charlie Sheen, with ups and downs in his trials. At this writing there is no set date for his “back to work.” Let’s hope young Mister Sheen can calm it all down and pick up his career. He is an excellent actor, and that’s what he should be doing: ACTING!

I wish I could answer all the questions that come in about the “hairdos” on the femme stars. I can’t tell you whether or not their long, long golden locks are “ironed,” because I’m not there. However, the minute I find out the secret of “that look” be assured I will let you know.

Hollywood is proud that “one of its own” could step in and offer aid in a disaster. Director James Cameron has been in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast aiding in underwater works for the oil spill. After months and months of “Titanic” filming, he is well versed in what goes on under the waves and has been a great help. So, hopefully, will be actor Kevin Costner’s oil separator invention. Hollywood isn’t all glamour and glitz and fun, dear readers. Many is the time when the “industry” has come to the aid of something.

Betty White is receiving more accolades than she can handle, but one of the most fun was the “Beastly Ball” sponsored by the Los Angeles Zoo. And who did the teeny baby monkeys hug and kiss. Why Miss Betty, of course. And who hugged and kissed them back. Why Miss Betty, of course.

Uh-oh! That gadget on Lindsay’s ankle dinged that she had imbibed. That was a couple of weeks ago. But however and whatever, there’s a tight watch on what she imbibed. And I have not heard from Paris. Mayhap she will pop up soon.

Letter from Beverly Mazzia of The Villages, Fla., correcting my mistake about June Havoc and June Haver. Thanks, Beverly.
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BITS ‘N’ PIECES: From the Reader’s Digest book titled “Laughter Is the Best Medicine.” One hypochondriac to another: “My doctor is on the cutting edge of technology. He told me to take two aspirin and fax him in the morning.” Lindsay, Paris and Zsa Zsa aren’t the only ones who have spent some time “behind bars” (and I don’t mean the drinking kind). Others jailed for a while include Robert Mitchum, Rory Calhoun, Stacy Keach, Fatty Arbuckle, Steve McQueen, Burt Reynolds, Al Pacino, Mae West (oh yes), Sophia Loren and Frances Farmer. … And did you know that of all the films Burt Reynolds made, “Deliverance” is his favorite?

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