Luke Mably

Luke Mably

By Cindy Elavsky
Q: Will James MacArthur, who played Danno in the original “Hawaii Five-0,” have any part in the new show? — Jim S., Punta Gorda, Fla.

A: Mr. MacArthur is relishing his retirement, playing golf and tennis, doing a little traveling and enjoying spending time with his family. He divides his time between his homes in Southern California and Hawaii. Currently, there are no plans for his participation in the new “Hawaii Five-0.” When I contacted him recently, he told me: “I wish the new team much success and look forward to seeing what they’ll do with the franchise.”
* * *
Q: I saw a preview for the new series “The Gates,” and one of the actors looked like Luke Mably from “The Prince and Me.” Was that him, and if so, what has he been doing since that movie? — Elly H., via e-mail

A: That is indeed the prince himself, Luke Mably, playing an entrepreneur with an otherworldly bloodlust in the new ABC summer drama. When I asked him why he’d been keeping such a low profile, he told me: “When ‘The Prince and Me’ first came out, I was staying in Los Angeles. I remember walking down Sunset Boulevard and someone saying to me, ‘Hey, you’re that prince guy!’ And whenever I had meetings for film roles, I would walk into the room and people would go, ‘Ah … the prince!’

“It was nice to get recognition for a role I did, and the fans of the film have been very complimentary, which I am forever grateful for and sincerely humbled by. But as time went by, I thought, I hope I won’t be known only for playing this prince guy. So I was keen to do more diverse work. I went back to London. One project I am proud of since then is a play I did called ‘Festen.’ It’s a haunting story and subject matter. Another project I’ve done, which I am keen for people to see, is a movie called ‘Exam’ (on DVD July 23).” Until then, you can catch Luke in “The Gates” on Sunday nights on ABC.
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Q: Can you tell me if “Raising the Bar” has been canceled? — William F., via e-mail

A: The Steven Bochco drama, which starred Mark-Paul Gosselaar, was canceled in late 2009 by TNT. However, the network was quick to pick up another Mark-Paul starring vehicle, another lawyer series for the 2010-11 season called “Franklin & Bash.” This buddy comedy also stars Breckin Meyer of “Clueless” and “Kate & Leopold” fame.
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Q: Is “Designing Women” out yet on DVD? I have “The Best of Designing Women” DVD, but would love to have all of their seasons. — Donna L., Roanoke, Va.

A: You’re in luck! Seasons one through three of this fabulous Southern Belle comedy are now available on DVD, with season four being released on Sept. 14. You can find them wherever DVDs are sold.

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