By Fifi Rodriguez
1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: In currency, what is a watermark, and why is it used?
2. TELEVISION: What TV show featured the neighbors named Lenny and Squiggy?
3. GEOGRAPHY: Which of the Great Lakes is located entirely within the United States?
4. MOVIES: What book is the movie “Clueless” loosely based upon?
5. MEASUREMENTS: What measurement is used to determine the height of a horse?
6. SCIENCE: What instrument is used to measure atmospheric pressure?
7. MATH: What are congruent angles?
8. TRADITIONS: Traditional Chinese brides might wear which color of dress on their wedding days?
9. MUSIC: Which Christmas carol features the phrase “the weary world rejoices”?
10. MEDICAL TERMS: What’s a common name for deglutition?

1. A distinguishing mark on paper money to prevent counterfeit
2. “Laverne & Shirley”
3. Lake Michigan
4. “Emma,” by Jane Austen
5. Hands (one hand equals 4 inches)
6. Barometer
7. Angles that have the same measure in degrees
8. Red, for good luck
9. “O Holy Night”
10. Swallowing

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