TOP TEN VIDEO, DVD as of June 5, 2010

Top 10 Video Rentals
1. Edge of Darkness (R) Mel Gibson
2. Legion (R) Paul Bettany
3. It’s Complicated (R) Meryl Streep
4. Avatar (PG-13) Sam Worthington
5. Daybreakers (R) Ethan Hawke
6. Tooth Fairy (PG) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
7. Leap Year (PG) Amy Adams
8. Sherlock Holmes (PG-13) Robert Downey, Jr.
9. The Blind Side (PG-13) Sandra Bullock
10. The Lovely Bones (PG-13) Susan Sarandon

Top 10 DVD Sales
1. Avatar (PG-13) (20th Century Fox)
2. Legion (R) (Sony)
3. Edge of Darkness (R) (Warner)
4. Daybreakers (R) (Lionsgate)
5. Tooth Fairy (PG) (20th Century Fox)
6. Toy Story (G) (20th Century Fox)
7. It’s Complicated (R) (Universal)
8. Iron Man (PG-13) (Paramount)
9. Toy Story 2 (G) (Buena Vista)
10. The Blind Side (PG-13) (Warner)

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