The Ball of the Gypsy Prince event spectacular

Photo by Anina Bachrach

Photo by Anina Bachrach

Dearborn Symphony President Sandy Butler (left), gala co-chairwoman Gloria Nycek, Jan Huang, Louise LeVeque, gala co-chairman John Matthews toast to the evening’s success.

By Gretchen Ackermann
The Ball of the Gypsy Prince Saturday at the Dearborn Country Club is still being talked about by many of its 120 attendees.

All of the proceeds go to the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra, president Sandy Butler said.

After champagne and hors d’oeuvre prelude served as couples arrived at 6 p.m. they later dined on Hungarian goulash, noodles and other fine Hungarian offerings. Pear brandy was served as a toast and a martini bar was open throughout the evening.

Couples tripped the light fantastic to the tunes of the Billy Rose Orchestra until 11 p.m.

A highlight of the evening was the Hungarian Csikpe Dancers who brought down the house with their quick steps donned in their Hungarian dancing attire, all coordinated by Judy Mosteller, part of the 19-member committee.

The Gypsy Prince arrived playing his violin from the Club balcony, and Jacqueline Csurgai Schmitt, Dearborn Symphony artist-in-residence, performed Hungarian arrangements on the grand piano. Even a fortune teller arrived to add spice to the evening.

Besides the centerpieces of roses and spring flowers arranged by Rose Marie Lubienski, an ice sculpture of a violin graced the lobby, made possible by Henry Ford Community College President Gail Mee.

The ball was organized by co-chairs Gloria Nycek and John Matthews Jr.

Supporters hosting the Benefactor Party, Mary and Don Kosch, served as Baron and Baroness.

“It was a spectacular party,” Butler said. “The food and entertainment were superb.”