Cab driver involved in hit-and-run sought

Sunday Times Newspapers

MELVINDALE – Police still are seeking the cab driver who fled the scene of a nonfatal hit-and-run accident involving a young girl on a bicycle April 30.

Witnesses say that at about at 4:30 p.m. the cab, black, possibly a Ford Crown Victoria, with a yellow taxi light on top, struck the rear tire of the girl’s bicycle, throwing her onto the roadside grass and injuring her as she attempted to cross Oakwood at Palmer.

The girl, who was following her sister, who also was bicycling at the time, was treated for abrasions, contusions and dental injuries at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center before being released to her mother.

A pedestrian who saw the accident described the cab driver as an Arabic male in his 30s with facial hair, a medium complexion and short hair, wearing a black T-shirt. Another pedestrian witness described the cab driver as a dark-skinned Arabic or African-American man.

According to witnesses, after the driver struck the girl’s bike, flipping her onto the grass, he sped away from the scene without braking or stopping. Police said there were no skid marks on the roadway at the accident scene.

Witnesses say the victim’s sister crossed safety, but the victim’s bike was struck by the cab as they crossed Oakwood heading northeast on Palmer. The girls had just left Gleno’s Market, 2955 Oakwood Blvd.

A pizza delivery driver who saw the accident tried to follow the cab driver after he struck the girl, but heavy traffic prevented him from safely continuing the pursuit.

Detective David Taft photographed the scene and took the bicycle into evidence.

A cab somewhat matching the description was photographed at a Detroit-based cab company eight miles from the scene, but a driver for the company said its cabs do not operate in Melvindale.

Anyone with information relevant to the investigation should contact the Melvindale Police Department at (313) 429-1070.