Dearborn Public High School Scholarship Winners show off their talents on May 15, 2010

Dearborn students to receive scholarship awards

Dearborn, Mich. (May 4, 2010) – This past December Furnace Design Studio and the Glass Academy donated 18 art glass scholarships for students in the Dearborn public schools. Valued at $1500, students from Edsel Ford, Dearborn, and Fordson High Schools will be using their creative talents in the glass arts, at the Glass Academy May 15th from 10-2. “This is a unique opportunity for Art students to sample classes that compliment what they have learned here in the Dearborn schools,” emphasizes Wendy Sample, the Art coordinator for the Dearborn schools. “We are looking forward to expanding the students’ skill base working with different applications of glass here at the school.”

Six students will be taught the beginning basics of the art of glassblowing by co-owner and master glassblower Chris Nordin, while another group of 6 will enjoy learning beadmaking techniques, which involves hot glass shaped over a torch, taught by Bill McMurtry, a Glass Academy Alumni. Tom Newton, a Dearborn resident that was apprenticed trained in Detroit in the art of stained glass, will be instructing the final 6 students. “We are going to look at a 1,000 year old art. A lot of techniques remain the same with some improvements in tools and materials,” explains Tom. “We will be designing with light and dealing with color.” Tom has been working with stained glass since 1964 and has over 45 years of experience. He is skilled in design, fabrication, installation, repairs, and restoration.

“This is a perfect opportunity for high school aged students to expand their talents and learn new skills from specially trained, professional artists,” states Lisa Neitzer, Glass Academy Operations and Planning Manager. “Classes at the Glass Academy are geared toward adults so it will be nice to have teenagers getting involved in the arts,” says Lisa.

Wendy Sample comments, “A professor and mentor of mine used to say, “Artists and scientists dance on the edge of magic”. (Edward Jacomo) Artists and scientist are the creative problem solvers of the world…they are always asking -What if…we try this, or What if…we took this and moved it to here…or What will happen if we add a little more of this…..and so on.” This is a great chance for Dearborn students to broaden their horizons beyond the classroom. Be sure to visit the website after May 15th, as we will post photos of the event after the class for your enjoyment.