By Fifi Rodriguez1. MOVIES: What 1997 movie starred actors Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson?
2. MYTHOLOGY: What was the unusual feature possessed by Sleipnir, the horse belonging to the chief Norse god Odin?
3. LANGUAGE: What is meant by the French term “lese-majeste”?
4. TELEVISION: What was the name of the headmistress in “The Facts of Life”?
5. POETRY: Who wrote the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay”?
6. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is the only kind of food that a silkworm will eat?
7. LEGAL: If someone dies “intestate,” what does that mean?
8. CHEMISTRY: What is the symbol for the element tungsten?
9. CHILDREN’S STORIES: How many trips does Jack make to the Giant’s castle in “Jack and the Beanstalk”?
10. DISCOVERIES: What did 17th-century scientist William Harvey discover about the human body?

1. “As Good as it Gets”
2. Eight legs
3. Crime against a ruler
4. Edna Garrett
5. Robert Frost
6. Mulberry leaves
7. Without a will
8. W
9. Three
10. The role of arteries and veins in the circulation of blood

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