Third man sentenced for hostage standoff

DEARBORN — The third of three men who pleaded guilty of armed robbery following a standoff with police in February 2009 was sentenced recently in Wayne County Circuit Court.

Dione Andre Wade, 23, of Detroit, was sentenced by Judge David Allen to 20 to 50 years for assault with intent to commit murder and armed robber, plus five years for felony firearm second offense. The sentences are to be served consecutively.

The March 30 sentencing resulted from an armed standoff with police when they interrupted a robbery in progress at 7545 Manor on Feb. 17, 2009. A woman in the house escaped and told police her husband was being held hostage by Wade; Jehu Zabulun Merritt, 18, of Detroit; and Deangelo Shaun Jordon, 17, of Westland.

Shortly after police arrived, Merritt surrendered, upon which Wade shot at officers who were taking cover near a garage. Jordon later attempted to flee the house but was arrested.

During the next several hours a special weapons and tactics team secured the scene while hostage negotiators attempted to resolve the incident. Wade made numerous threats throughout the night to kill his hostage and any police officers he saw. He fired several shots at police, striking several vehicles.

During the standoff the hostage seized the opportunity to strike Wade in the head with a vase, when Wade’s attention was diverted by police.

As the two men struggled at the front door, the SWAT team advanced in an effort to rescue the hostage and make entry into the house. Wade saw the team approaching and fired several shots. The SWAT team returned fire, and Wade retreated back into the house.

SWAT officers entered the house and arrested Wade and rescued the hostage. During the rescue, a small fire started in the living room and quickly spread throughout the house. SWAT officers checking the second floor for any additional suspects or hostages who were trapped by the flames and forced to jump through a second-floor window to safety.

Wade and two SWAT officers were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital. The hostage received minor injuries and refused medical treatment.

“If it weren’t for the heroic actions of the male victim and the swift tactical response of officers the outcome of this incident could have resulted in more serious injuries to both the victim and officers,” Police Chief Ronald Haddad said.

Merritt pled guilty to one count of armed robbery and was sentenced on July 24 to four to 15 years in prison by Allen. Jordon pleaded guilty to one count of armed robbery and one count of felony firearm. He was sentenced to 81 months to 20 years for the former offense and two years for the latter by Allen on May 7, 2009, to be served consecutively.