James Brolin

James Brolin

By Jill Jackson
HOLLYWOOD … Dermot Mulroney has always wanted to be a director. Now his dream has come true. He will helm “Love, Wedding, Marriage,” a feature film starring James Brolin and Jane Seymour. In this, Brolin is an elderly gentleman with snow-white hair. Need I tell you that in real life, he is Barbra Streisand’s spouse, Josh’s dad and a heckuva fine fellow.

Tinseltown is talking about … 3D TV. Jeepers, won’t that be something to be lying in bed watching the tube and have things come flying out at you. NO THANK YOU! Just making conversation, folks. News is hard to come by when it rains in Hollywood, and we’ve had a bit of the wet lately.

Aside to Beulah G. of Akron, Ohio: Righto. We’ve not seen or heard much about Stedman Graham lately. As far as I know, he and Oprah are still together. And you will be seeing a lot of her when she launches her own network. However, there is one thing I’m sure of — Oprah is a very rich lady.

No word of recent rompings up and down the boulevards by Tobey or Leonardo. They must be seeing their “ladies” somewhere indoors. They certainly haven’t been about in public.

A long-black-haired, bearded Russell Crowe admitted in an interview that he is afraid of heights. He said he had to grit his teeth even when it was only an open window, but up high. He also admitted to several bad habits that he is trying to overcome. The biggest is cigarettes. He is trying very hard to quit. I sympathize with him on that one. Giving up on the puffing was the hardest thing I ever did. I chewed up every pencil on my desk, plus every piece of stick candy in town. P.S. Yes, we smoke no more!

Did you know that Eddie Albert and Burt Lancaster were circus performers before they became movie actors? AND your reporter joined the circus each year when it came to New Orleans. I had a TV show there and would ride each year in the parade through town. Most fun I ever had. Incidentally, if you make friends with an elephant, you have a friend for life. Point is, you have to find the elephant!

Chris Pine (the divine) spotted roaming around town. Still no “special one” in his life, but the scripts are pouring in for him to film a movie. His agent assures me I will know — when and what — as soon as it happens.
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BITS ‘N’ PIECES: I wouldn’t want to be Conan O’Brien. Not even for a million bucks a day. … Did you know Bing Crosby got the name “Bing” at age 7 because he was an avid fan of a comic strip titled “The Bingville Bugle.” … Mae West disliked her co-star W.C. Fields, although it never showed when they performed. … Well, now you see even the biggest have their troubles, e.g. Sandra Bullock … And NO! Tiger Woods has NOT been offered a starring role in a movie, although it could happen. Letcha know when it does.

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