Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze star in "Dirty Dancing."
Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze star in “Dirty Dancing.”

By DNA Smith
“Dirty Dancing: Limited Keepsake Edition” (PG-13) — This release of “Dirty Dancing” is so packed with special features, there’s no way you’ll put this “baby in a corner” … of your bookshelf.

Sorry about that. Anyhoo, this two-disc set contains not only the newly remastered film, but also every special feature that’s been included in previous releases, plus more than an hour’s worth of bonus material. Extras include a fan reel created by Facebook fans, a tribute to Patrick Swayze, an interview with Swayze about the dancing in the film, a hardcover 52-page book and a coupon for $50 off a stay at the Mountain Lake Hotel in Virginia, which was used as the Kellerman’s Resort in the film. Seriously, with so much stuff in this Keepsake Edition, how could you NOT have “the time of your life”? Aw man, I did it again.

“Doctor Zhivago Anniversary Edition” (PG-13) — Director David Lean’s follow up to “Lawrence of Arabia” is another epic adventure that garnered five Academy Awards. Omar Sharif and Julie Christie star in this majestic love story set during the Russian Revolution. Sharif plays the titular doctor, who also is a poet. Christie is Lara, a married woman who becomes his muse. Zhivago is married and loves his wife, but also has feelings for the beautiful Lara. Torn by his love for two women, the poet must make a choice while their world erupts in turbulent conflict.

“Hamlet” (Unrated) — David Tennant (“Doctor Who”) stars as the Melancholy Dane in this critically acclaimed Royal Shakespeare Company production of the Bard’s tale of madness, murder and political intrigue. Co-starring in a riveting double-performance is Patrick Stewart (Capt. Jean-Luc Picard from “Star Trek”), who plays both Hamlet’s uncle Claudius, and the ghost of Hamlet’s murdered father. Tennant’s performance is both exhilarating and heart-wrenching — which will probably come as a surprise to many who only know the Scottish actor from his light-hearted portrayal as the time-traveling hero from “Doctor Who.”

“Rock ‘N’ Roll High School” (Rated R) — Directed by B-movie king Roger Corman and starring The Ramones and P.J. Soles, “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School” is a punk-rock classic. When a fascist principal (Mary Woronov) takes over Vince Lombardi High School, The Ramones and the students fight back using the Power of Rock! And explosives.

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