By Fifi Rodriguez
1. GEOGRAPHY: The country of Belize is located in what part of the world?
2. HISTORY: In what country did the 1960 Sharpeville massacre occur?
3. LITERATURE: In what city and state did poet Emily Dickinson live almost her entire life?
4. MEDICAL: What part of the body does Bell’s palsy affect?
5. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: A strong, cool wind called the Mistral is associated with which country?
6. MYTHOLOGY: What kind of creature was a griffin?
7. TELEVISION: Which character on “The Addams Family” spoke the catchphrase “you rang?”?
8. THEATER: Which play’s title character was nicknamed “The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”?
9. LANGUAGE: What is a ewer?
10. MOVIES: In the Disney movie “Aladdin,” how long was the genie inside the lamp before Aladdin released him?

1. Central America
2. South Africa
3. Amherst, Mass.
4. The face – Bell’s palsy causes paralysis of facial muscles on one side.
5. France
6. A lion’s body with an eagle’s head, wings and claws
7. Lurch
8. “Sweeney Todd”
9. A vase-shaped pitcher or jug
10. 10,000 years

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