Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

By Jill Jackson
HOLLYWOOD … Now that the bunny has hopped through Hollywood, and the ladies have paraded their loveliest — dresses, hairdos, jewelry, etc. — and most of the award shows are over, the summer season is on. The tourists are running about looking for stars, and it’s the same old every year. However, those nasty little tremblors we get are pretty scary. Let’s hope we don’t feel one again soon. Let’s more than hope. A little prayer or two might help.

Reports around that Charlie Sheen wants to leave “Two and a Half Men.” Maybe by the time you read this, young Sheen “will or won’t be there.” We’ll wait and see. At the moment there’s a lot of “jigglin'” and “dancing” in and out of series, new castings and etc. Never fear. Things will settle in soon.

Aside to Carrie G. of San Diego. I would find it hard to name the “Biggest Female Star” of all time. There’s Greta Garbo, Mary Pickford, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Temple and possibly others. Maybe some of you would like to express yourselves. So let me hear from you. We’ll print it.

Been a bit rainy around here (thank heaven), so we haven’t seen the likes of George and Leo or Paris and Lindsay scampering up and down Sunset and Hollywood boulevards. But if you are here, try going inside one or two nightclubs. SOMEBODY is sure to be there.

I think I’ve answered a question like this before, but it’s been so long ago that we’ll do it again. Joseph H. of Brooklyn, N.Y. says he thinks he saw my name in the cast of “Airport.” And if so, to please tell him about Helen Hayes. Yes, I was a “passenger” on the plane seated several rows in front of Miss Hayes. We worked in that movie for six weeks and sat in that plane every day, all day. Let me tell you, it was quite an experience. Some days we spent most of the time sitting in the “crouch” position. That’s how one sits when there is about to be a crash. (Try it sometime. You won’t like it!). I got to know the great lady, who won an Oscar for her role in “Airport.” She loved to knit. She was never without her needles going, and some kind of wool thing hanging from them. She was gentle, polite and fun, and one of the greatest in her profession. Me? I was just there to do a story, and to this day I can’t find myself either in the terminal, where I bought a ticket, or in my seat on the plane.

Aside to Georgette R. of Hyde Park, N.Y.: I would say Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep are the three top actresses in Hollywood today. If any of you out there don’t agree, holler. We’ll hear you.
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BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Marlon Brando, believe it or not, did not want to be known as an actor. Many times he listed his occupation as “shepherd”! … Jay Leno once said, “Marriage is grand. Divorce is Twenty Grand.” … And that other late-show host now admits to being a married man. That’s Dave, of course. … No new news on “The divine Chris Pine,” although lots of ladies are saying “please be mine” — me, too!

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