Trail of offers, salespeople may lead to former co-worker

TRENTON — Unsolicited mail offers and sales representatives have been showing up at the door of a resident in the 1700 block of Woodside for the last 10 months, the resident reported recently.

She told police March 30 that she suspects an unhappy former co-worker at a local church where she was employed may be responsible for the constant flow of unwanted offers and visitors. The woman believes the co-worker got hold of an e-mail account belonging to her husband’s business and has been using it to sign her up for services online.

For the past 10 months, sellers of insurance, carpets and real estate, along with church organizations, have been visiting her house, the resident told police. She also believes the co-worker signed her up for an online subscription to a women’s adult magazine.

In addition, the co-worker allegedly has been posting e-mails in the name of the resident and her husband containing derogatory comments about the couple.

The resident has saved the e-mails for evidentiary purposes.