Graffiti painters strike elementary school

By Sue Suchyta
Times-Herald Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – Monroe Elementary School, 1501 Grove, was vandalized with graffiti sometime last weekend.

A maintenance worker was among the first to observe the damage at 6 a.m. Monday.

Police said obscene words were sprayed on several slides and playground structures. Staff members covered up some of the playground equipment with drop cloths soon after the graffiti was discovered to prevent students from seeing the words.

Cleanup was nearly complete by Wednesday afternoon.

Graffiti had been sprayed on several exterior walls, as well as different playground structures. The southern exterior wall graffiti was mostly unreadable. However, it covered a space about 10 feet long and over 6 feet high.

The words “LiL Screlle” and “Scrible” were visible, with a crown or arrows at the top of the letter “L.” Such markings also were part of the words “Jake,” “Joker,” “Yo Yo” and “WB.”

In addition to the graffiti, a door handle on the south side of the building had been removed and rendered useless.