Anna Faris

Anna Faris

By Jill Jackson
HOLLYWOOD — Thankfully, the awards season is on the wane. Everyone is getting more than a bit sated over the “same old, same old.” However, with the summer season almost upon us, production is slowing down and news is harder to find (except, of course, when Paris, Lindsay and Britney are around). One piece of news about the awards: It looks like Oscar may be in February come next go-round. Don’t ask me why. Perhaps the powers that be feel they should be delivered earlier.

Much news lately about the late Orson Welles. I had the pleasure, or I might say the displeasure, of working with him on some of his radio presentations. He wasn’t easy. And oh boy! When Orson got hungry, work stopped and the great Welles ate. We sat and watched. And oh how he did love to eat.

Aside to Peter D. of Palm Beach, Fla.: Yes, that Keir Dullea now starring in the “Castle” series is the same Keir Dullea who played Lana Turner’s son in “Madame X.” And yes, I was the policewoman in that same pic. So, I came to know Keir well, and a nicer, more polite young man could not be found. I’m sure he has remained that way today. You also might remember Keir from “2001: A Space Odyssey” and the cult film “Bunny Lake Is Missing.” I wish him all the best!

Filmtown is mourning the passing of Fess Parker. He is being called “King of the Wild Frontier, a Television Icon and a Gentleman.” And that he was. I had the pleasure of knowing him when he came to New Orleans and I had a TV show there. He was a guest. So polite. So nice. But I might add with all that leather in all that hot weather, sometimes when he made an appearance it didn’t always smell like roses.

Showbiz also mourning the death of June Haver, younger sister of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. June had a nice career, but never as big as her sister’s. I met them both when I was just starting out, and young enough to be very impressed knowing STRIPPERS! Gypsy even showed me how to do it. She would say, “It’s all in the way you take it off.” Then she would take it off!

Aside to Martina F. of Denver: You ask, “Who would I say is the bigger star, Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts?” That isn’t easy. They both are excellent actresses, they both are beautiful women, they both are big at the box office. So I will let my readers decide whom they like best — Julia or Sandra. “Duke it out, girls!”

A younger generation will get a taste of “Private Benjamin,” and a new star, Anna Faris, will shine. The film was a big hit years ago when Goldie Hawn starred in the title role, and now viewers await the new version — and the new private. More about this when we get it.
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BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Kaley Cuoco. Remember the name. You’ll be seeing a lot of her soon. On the tube and on the big screen. … Russell Crowe got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with all the brouhaha that could only come from Crowe. Interesting sidelight on this man: Every time you see him, he looks different.
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