Unwanted Vehicle Amnesty Month offered by Dearborn Police Department, Rusko’s Service Center

No charge to have vehicles removed from residential property

Dearborn — The Police Department and Rusko’s Service Center Inc. have joined forces to remove unwanted vehicles from residential property for free during the month of April.

Residents have two options regarding unwanted vehicles on their property.

• Residents can sign the title over to Rusko’s Service Center and the company will remove the vehicle.

• Residents not possessing titles can make other arrangements with the Police Department to have the vehicle removed.

To take advantage of Unwanted Vehicle Amnesty Month, residents should call the Police Department at (313) 943-2259.

Unwanted Vehicle Amnesty Month coincides with the seasonal start of Public Service Days, which began this week.

During Public Service Days, all parked vehicles must be off the street from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the same day trash is collected. Parked vehicles left on the street are subject to ticketing.