Police blotter

Woman shot at in road rage incident

A woman was shot at after she slid into another driver’s lane near the Warren Avenue-Greenfield Road intersection about 4 p.m. March 28.

The woman told police she was westbound on Warren when she entered the left turn lane to turn south onto Greenfield. As she braked for the red light, her car slid slightly to the right into the next lane due to wet road conditions, she said.

Another motorist, described as a 30-year-old black man in a red sedan, started yelling at her for coming into his lane, she said.

When the light turned green, the man made an illegal turn from the center lane on Warren and followed the woman down Greenfield. The woman realized she was being followed and pulled over in the residential neighborhood east of Greenfield.

The man pulled up next to her on the passenger side of her vehicle and reportedly said, “If you drive like that again I’ll bust a cap in your ass.” The woman heard a small bang and then heard her rear passenger window shatter before the suspect sped away.

Police later recovered a small, copper-colored, metallic object from the back of the woman’s front passenger seat headrest.

Man carjacked on Middlesex
A carjacker stole a 2008 Toyota Tundra in the 6200 block of Middlesex about 7:30 a.m. March 12.

The owner of the vehicle said he was sitting in it in his driveway when a 2007 or 2008 Pontiac Transport pulled up behind him. A “real skinny” black man, between 18 and 25 years old and about 6 feet 2 inches tall got out of the van, ran up to the Tundra and demanded that the owner get out.

The owner said the suspect might have had a hockey stick or pipe of some sort, and that when he got out of the vehicle, the suspect kicked him with steel-toed boots in the shin, for which the owner would later seek medical treatment.

The suspect then got into the Tundra and sped off east on Hemlock.

Dearborn Heights
Roommate suspected in gun theft

A homeowner in the 5300 block of Clippert told police that he suspects his roommate stole a $500 shotgun sometime overnight March 25.

The homeowner said he took on the roommate about three months ago, and that the roommate has a crack problem. There were no signs of forced entry at the house and nothing else was missing, except for a 12-gauge shotgun.

Paperwork, cell phone with nude pics stolen
A burglary in the 25000 block of Andover netted the culprit six cell phones, a computer and several confidential files March 27.

The resident told police she believes her ex-boyfriend and one of his friends were responsible for the burglary. She said she was worried because the cell phones contained nude pictures of her, and that her ex already had posted nude pictures of her on the Internet in a previous incident.

She also expressed concern that several court papers relating to an ongoing matter with the ex were also taken.