By Fifi Rodriguez

1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: By what other name do most people know Esther Pauline Friedman?
2. GEOGRAPHY: What South American country lies between Colombia and Peru?
3. FOOD & DRINK: What are the two ingredients in a Black Russian cocktail?
4. LANGUAGE: What does the Greek suffix “gamy” mean in English?
5. MUSIC: What does the musical direction “estinto” mean?
6. HISTORY: In what year did test pilot Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier?
7. TELEVISION: What is the name of the dog on “Family Guy” animated series?
8. AD SLOGANS: “The dogs kids love to bite” were made by which company?
9. SCIENCE: What would an entomologist study?
10. MOVIES: What brother and sister had acting roles in “Sixteen Candles”?

1. Ann Landers, her pseudonym
2. Ecuador
3. Vodka and Kahlua
4. Marriage
5. Play as soft as possible
6. 1947
7. Brian
8. Armour
9. Insects
10. John and Joan Cusack

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