Work on CSO project near Cherry Hill and Brady temporarily halted to preserve roads during thaw

DEARBORN – Work on the CSO project in the area bounded by Brady, Cherry Hill, Golf Crest and Cherry Hill Court temporarily has been halted until water under the roadway has evaporated, which should be approximately the first week of April, city officials said.

As frost below the road’s surface melts, the road’s base is weakened by the water. Continuing to drive heavy trucks on roads during this time can seriously affect the road’s integrity.

State, county and local governments all mandate that during the thaw, heavy trucks reduce their loads by 35 percent.

Some contractors continue their operation with reduced truck loads in order to comply and some contractors postpone their operation until frost laws are no longer in effect.

The city’s contractor Angelo Iafrat has chosen to postpone the CSO work since most of it involves heavy transportation of earth and sand.