Police blotter

Allen Park
Calculated risk
A calculator valued at $150 was stolen from a teacher’s desk Allen Park Community School, 14700 Moore, March 3 by a student who stayed in a classroom during a schoolwide assembly in the gym.

When school officials announced a search for the calculator over the intercom, the student was observed by classmates tossing an item out the window.

The student’s mother, when called later, found the calculator in her son’s bedroom. The boy then admitted to taking and retrieving it because he could not afford his own. He had planned to return the calculator anonymously later.

Thief’s face caught on security cam
A $3,500 television was taken March 4 from a wall at Thunderbowl, 4200 Allen Road.

While no surveillance video captured the removal of the TV, a man’s attempt to misdirect security cameras backfired March 1 when a camera bounced back and captured a clear view of his face.

Police said they had had prior contact with the man.

Boots not made for swapping
A man was stopped by store personnel when he tried to swap his old boots for new without paying for them last Monday morning at Meijer, 3565 Fairlane Drive.

He also had attempted to conceal some socks and chicken tenders in his jacket.

Homeowner sees light, robbery
A resident in the 18000 block of Dale realized she had been robbed when she came home to find her normally dark house brightly lit at 2:40 a.m. March 6.

The back door was open and window molding and a Plexiglas window were pulled back.

A preliminary list of stolen items included two digital cameras, a docking station, a VHS camcorder, a laptop computer, an MP3 player, $1,000 cash and miscellaneous jewelry.

12-year-old takes tequila
A 12-year-old boy casing houses in the area of Clarence and Harman triggered a visit from police, who apprehended him after a foot chase through the yard of an abandoned house about noon Monday.

The boy was home because he had been suspended from school. Police recovered an unopened bottle of tequila he had abandoned during the chase, along with a black plastic replica semiautomatic handgun.

When questioned about a gold necklace he was wearing, the boy said he found it in a purse in Coogan Park a few days earlier. Police later recovered the purse from a park trash can.

The boy was taken into custody and transferred to the Wayne County Youth Home.

Traffic stop reveals passenger’s pot
A traffic stop for an illegal left turn from north Allen to west Outer Drive resulted in a passenger receiving a ticket for possession of marijuana early Sunday morning.

The passenger, a 24-year-old Royal Oak man, admitted that a marijuana “blunt” found between the rear passenger seat cushions was his.

Tools taken
Hand tools, a chain saw, and a 12-inch cutoff saw collectively valued at $1,800, along with two bicycles with a combined value of $600, were reported missing March 6 from an unlocked garage in the 17000 block of Henry.

The resident said he hadn’t been in the garage in several months. He also discovered tampering to the fuse box and an electrical cord.

Random windows smashed
The two driver’s-side windows were smashed on a GMC Yukon last Sunday night in the 18000 block of Valade.

Motorist directs police to drunken driver
A motorist who spotted a possible impaired driver stayed on their cell phone and followed the man the evening of March 6 until police showed up.

The impaired driver, a 40-year-old Grosse Ile man, was driving north on Fort near Longsdorf when officers saw him drifting in his lane and pulled him over. He initially gave officers a boat registration when asked for his truck paperwork.

Police said the man smelled strongly of intoxicants, failed field sobriety tests and had trouble walking. A preliminary breath test showed a blood-alcohol level of 0.225 percent. A percentage of 0.08 is considered intoxicated under state law.

The man, who had no prior convictions, spent the night in jail. His driver’s license was confiscated.

Seniors scammed
A 90-year-old resident in the 3000 block of Sixth reported March 1 that she was victimized by a scam artist who used her personal information to open an emergency debit card and electronically remove over $4,000 from her bank account.

The account number also was used fraudulently to open up a payment account.

The bank deactivated the card after detecting the unusual activity and is working with the victim to recoup her money.

A 62-year-old resident in the 700 block of Highland received a letter from a recovery corporation in Florida about a delinquent account opened in her name under false circumstances. Her Social Security number and a credit card number were used to charge over $7,000 to unspecified optical store locations.

The victim was advised to file a police report and provide it to the collection agency to facilitate an investigation of the fraud complaint.

Dog bites jogger
A German shepherd-collie mix dog being walked by two Ecorse teen girls near Ninth and Goddard bit a passing jogger, a 39-year-old Wyandotte woman, the evening of March 4.

The girls were walking the dog for a man in the 900 block of Cora who was acquainted with the 16-year-old girl’s mother.

Emergency personnel determined that the jogger’s leg bore teeth marks that broke the skin, but no puncture wounds. The owner said the dog had been vaccinated against rabies.

Teen assaults teacher
A swearing, noncompliant 14-year-old student at Wilson Middle School shoved a teacher with both hands to his chest March 5 on his way out the classroom door despite being told to stay in his seat.

The teacher did not respond physically to the shove. The boy was disciplined by the principal and sent home with a parent. No injuries were reported.