Burglar disrupts boy’s sick day, gets caught

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – A 17-year-old boy in the 2400 block of 21st Street didn’t get the quiet sick day he hoped for March 3.

A 31-year-old Lincoln Park man allegedly kicked in the rear door of his house and made off with cash and jewelry before being captured.

The boy was in the living room when he heard someone pounding at the front door. Because he did not know who it was, he ignored it. However, the man started to look in windows, then entered the screened-in back porch and kicked in the back door.

The boy then fled out the front door to his nearby aunt and uncle’s house in the 2500 block of 21st.

After telling them of the break-in, the boy and his uncle drove immediately to the boy’s house and saw a gold 1998 Ford Escort parked nearby at Walnut and 21st. They then saw the suspected burglar walk out of the back yard of the boy’s house carrying something under his coat.

The uncle then confronted the man, who fled to the gold Escort and sped off. The boy and his uncle then followed the suspect in their vehicle while calling 911 for police help.

They followed the man for several miles before losing him in Lincoln Park near Fort and Cloverlawn. However, he was apprehended a short time later, and his car was impounded.

A check of the boy’s house revealed that $100 and jewelry were taken by the burglar. The boy’s mother was on her way home to make a more thorough accounting of her jewelry.

An officer found a pillowcase on the front porch of a house next door to the boy’s; it was filled with items taken from the boy’s house. He identified the pillowcase as belonging to his mother.

The stolen items were taken as evidence. The boy’s mother then arrived home to inventory the missing valuables.