Police dog training exercise explained after drawing community attention

Constant training bolsters excellent public safety services

DEARBORN, Mich. – The Dearborn Police Department hosted a training activity for 10 canine officers from six different police agencies on Thursday, Feb. 25 at a former church on Outer Drive near Village Road, and at Dearborn High School.

The training was a scheduled activity, and typical of the kind of exercises police officers perform with police dogs on a regular basis to keep their skills sharp.

Dearborn hosts police officers and their dogs from around the region about every two months, and participates in weekly training sessions in other communities as part of a group of 30 officers from 15 cities.

The Police Department continually engages in regular training activities for its officers and special units, like the K-9 unit, and sometimes uses public buildings or vacant properties in the community to simulate real-life conditions.

Police Chief Ron Haddad said, “We are committed to training so that we are prepared to serve the community in all situations.”

If residents have questions after seeing police activity in Dearborn, they should call 943-2201.