Heights man ‘finds God,’ shoots gun in motel

By J. Patrick Pepper
Times-Herald Newspapers

ALBION — A Dearborn Heights man with suspected mental problems was arrested for shooting up a motel room here in a March 1 incident.

Police say Alvin Wigley, 53, fired off 15 to 20 bullets with a 9-mm handgun, including one that went through the room’s door and nearly struck two police officers that were standing outside.

Wigley eventually surrendered himself and on March 2 was charged with several offenses, including two counts of assault with intent to murder, discharging a weapon or firearm in a building and use of a firearm in commission of a felony.

A Calhoun County district judge set bond at $200,000 and scheduled a preliminary examination of the evidence against Wigley for March 15.

Police said Wigley told them he was hearing voices, and that he believed someone was trying to get him when he was being arrested. They also found a note inside the room that said, “God delivered me from evil and placed me in Albion, Michigan,” as well as an alarm clock that was apparently cooked inside a microwave oven.