Council: Mailed tax assessment statements incorrrect

Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW – Tax assessments recently mailed to residents were misstated, City Council members said at Monday’s meeting.

The current mailing of city tax values is incorrect, Councilman James Trombley announced.

Trombley said the tax notices, printed by Wayne County, show incorrect 2010 notice of assessment, taxable valuation, and property classification because officials were given the wrong input file.

“We got a call from Wayne County this morning (March 1),” said Doug Drysdale, director of finance and the City Treasurer’s Department. “They do the printing of our tax form assessment notices.

“They had picked up the wrong file when they took it to the printer, and all of our 2010 values are incorrect.

County officials were in the process of reprinting those assessment notices and mailing them out, Drysdale said. Corrected notices should have been in resident’s mailboxes by Wednesday.

Residents wishing to find out their accurate assessment can find it online using a link posted on the city’s Web site,

Drysdale said the correct information appears on the site.

The city Assessing Department can be reached by phone at (734) 281-4224. Drysdale also said officials are taking appointments for Board of Review meetings.