Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler

By Jill Jackson
HOLLYWOOD …Everyone saved and saved to have one. Today, no one I know of will wear fur. Those who own them are turning them into throw pillows and etc., and I needn’t tell you how many people appear at all the galas either using their long, heavy hair to keep warm, or just showing their bare shoulders and shivering. Luckily, events like Oscar, Globes and Grammy are held here in Hollywood, where it rarely freezes. And speaking of the coveted little Oscar, he too is bare, and we will soon know who will keep him warm.

Barbara Walters is truly one smart lady. She knows just when to go out with a bang instead of a whisper. The first lady of TV announced that this would be her last Oscar special. As I said before, she looks great, is great and chooses to stay that way according to the way SHE wants it.

I thought this kind of amusing and wanted to share. I am the proud owner of a 6-year-old nephew who keeps me amused. When I called him on the phone the other day and asked, “What are you doing?” His reply was: “I’m watching Okra.” Now back to Tinseltown.

Comes this letter from Louisa D. of Philadelphia. She asks, “Can anyone buy a ticket to the Academy Awards?” Indeedy NO! One must be a member to have tickets. No box office here! And take my word for it, other than seeing the stars in person, it’s a long stand and a long sit. So stay home, get comfortable and enjoy it on the tube.

Up pops Henry Winkler. Back when he was known as “the Fonz” on “Happy Days,” he was hot, hot, then he sort of faded. Now the Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee is coming back in USA Network’s “Royal Pains” in a recurring role as an absentee father. Everyone concerned is happy, not only because he is an actor “extraordinaire,” but a lot of fun to be around. And believe me: Fun is hard to find sometimes in this business.

This will be a combination! Penelope Cruz joins Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides.” Details of Cruz’s character are being kept secret. And most of us know Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. The plot also is being kept secret, although somebody has “leaked” that it has something to do with the “Fountain of Youth.”
BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Did you know that Elvis Presley had a twin brother, Jesse, who died at birth? …. Humphrey Bogart did NOT say “Play it again, Sam” in “Casablanca.” What he said was: “You played it for her, and you can play it for me.” and “If she can stand it, I can! Play it!” (So that settles that!) … Did you know Lana Turner was once an usherette, that Audrey Hepburn was a dental assistant, that Greta Garbo was a soap latherer in a barber shop, that Roger Moore was a model for knitting patterns, and that Elvis Presley was a movie-theater usher?

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