Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks

By Cindy Elavsky
Q: I really loved “Avatar” and have been hearing talk of sequel(s). Please tell me this is true! — David G., via e-mail

A: Director James Cameron has hinted that the rumors are true. I spoke recently with CCH Pounder — who plays Mo’at, the mother of Neytiri and the spiritual leader of Omaticaya clan of Pandora — and she also verified that the idea of further adventures on Pandora is definitely a great possibility. CCH explains: “I know that he (James Cameron) did semi-announce that he is going to make a sequel — that he is going to take a break, but he did have a story idea. I think perhaps it was always that this would be some sort of a trilogy story.

“I don’t think it would take as long, because we already have the world of Pandora created, and it all exists in the digital world. All you have to do is put the story and characters in it. I think, Suzy, his wife, would greatly appreciate a break, and his children would love to see him hang about a bit. He’s kind of a workaholic guy. It might be four years, and it might be next year (that he starts working on it).”
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Q: I was really starting to get into the new Fox show “Past Life,” but I suddenly can’t find it on the schedule anymore. Has it been canceled, or is it merely on hiatus? — Charity E., via e-mail

A: After airing only three episodes, Fox has decided to pull the plugged on the struggling and poorly received supernatural crime thriller. It has been replaced by original episodes of “Kitchen Nightmares.”
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Q: I am a huge fan of “American Idol,” and was wondering what one of my favorite past winners, Taylor Hicks, is doing now? — Margie F., Hartford, Conn.

A: The Season Five winner of “American Idol” is currently touring the country in “Grease,” playing the role of Teen Angel. He also recently released his first concert DVD called “Whomp at the Warfield,” which is sure to delight members of his “Soul Patrol.” When I caught up with Taylor recently, he told me how much he is enjoying trying his hand at acting: “(Being in “Grease”) has been great. It’s allowed me to get into acting and understand role-playing, and it’s just a great starting point for me in the acting field.”

CONTEST ALERT: Speaking of Taylor Hicks, it’s time for another contest, with five copies of his “Whomp at the Warfield” DVD up for grabs. Correctly answer this Taylor-related trivia question: “What songs did Taylor sing in the ‘Idol’ finale, which ultimately crowned him the winner?”

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