Dearborn residents can stay in their homes with County foreclosure prevention program

The Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program (MFPP) is empowering the public to take back control of their financial destiny.

The MFPP is available at no cost.

It is designed for Wayne County residents who are having difficulty meeting their current mortgage payments or are in any stage of the foreclosure process.

“We developed the program because we are dedicated to helping our residents, one-by-one, case-by-case, protect their greatest asset: their homes,” Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano said.

The MFPP offers a network of certified counselors whose relationships with lenders allow them to provide secure, confidential and competent assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure.

The program has helped nearly 2,000 residents across Wayne County avoid or survive mortgage foreclosure.

One resident whose home was saved is Daniel T. He and his family of five were struggling to pay their mortgage and quickly fell behind.

Working through the MFPP, Daniel’s lender agreed to modify the terms of his loan and lower his house payments.

“Without the influence that the MFPP had on our lender, we would have lost our home,” Daniel said.

“Because we acted by contacting the Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program, we now have house payments we can afford,” he said.

“The MFPP is providing the tools residents need to save their homes,” Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. said. “That is a benefit to them, and to our entire community, because we all want healthy neighborhoods.”

Of the people who already have taken advantage of the MFPP, the program’s certified counselors helped a substantial majority keep their homes.

The program helped the other residents through foreclosure on fair and reasonable terms.

“The MFPP eliminates the confusion and frustration many homeowners experience that make them walk away from their homes before they have examined all of their options,” said County Commissioner Gary Woronchak, 13th District.

To enter the MFPP program, go to or contact the program directly at (877) 693-6199.