Woman charged in attack on teenage boy after hit-and-run

Sunday Times Newspapers

MELVINDALE – A 56-year-old Taylor woman faces charges in the recent assault of a 14-year-old Dearborn boy after a hit-and-run accident at a local hospital.

Lorraine Joyce Jones-Daniels was arraigned on assault charges Tuesday in 24th District Court for allegedly attacking the boy as he sat in the passenger seat of his mother’s car Jan. 27 near Outer Drive and Allen Road. She was released on bail with an ankle tether and restricted movement and awaits a preliminary examination of the evidence against her at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

The incident began about 3:30 p.m. that day when the boy’s 33-year-old mother told police she saw Jones-Daniels’s black Hyundai Sonata strike another vehicle in the Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center parking deck. The mother confronted Jones-Daniels in the parking lot after seeing the Sonata rear-end another vehicle and attempt to leave without reporting the accident or providing identification or proof of insurance.

The mother and boy initially pulled up alongside Jones-Daniels in a hospital parking lot to encourage her to report the accident. Jones-Daniels, an African-American woman, allegedly yelled racially offensive remarks at the two, who are white. The mother said Jones-Daniels then sped away recklessly, nearly hitting two pedestrians.

After calling 911 to report the accident, the mother attempted to follow Jones-Daniels to get her license plate number and other identifying information.

The mother then pulled alongside Jones-Daniels at Outer Drive and Allen. Jones-Daniels then exited her car, and through a half open car window struck the boy in the in face with a brown, foot-long wooden club.

The mother then called 911 to reported the assault. A recording of the call features a woman’s voice making profane threats.

Police said Jones-Daniels then returned to her vehicle again and attempted to distance herself from them. In the meantime the mother and her son recorded the Hyundai’s license plate number and its physical description.

The two witnesses caught up with the woman at Outer Drive and Dix-Toledo. Jones-Daniels got out of her card, made additional verbal threats, broke the left front turn signal and headlamp of the mother’s Dodge Durango with the club and then left.

The mother then took her soon back to the hospital, where he was treated and admitted with post-concussive syndrome, facial bruising, dizziness, blurry vision in his right eye and headaches. Police say he is recovering gradually from the attack.

Both the mother and son identified Jones-Daniels in separate photo line-ups. Hospital security also supplied police with surveillance video showing the vehicles leaving as described by the witnesses.

Police impounded and obtained a search warrant for the Jones-Daniels’ car, in which they found the club they believed was used in the assault.

When Jones-Daniels called Melvindale police to inquire about her impounded car, she voluntarily came in for questioning Feb. 4 and was arrested after speaking to a detective.