Dearborn Symphony presents annual Children’s Concert

Photo courtesy of the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra

Photo courtesy of the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra

Dearborn Symphony Conductor Kypros Markou

The Dearborn Symphony will perform two concerts specially designed for the almost 2,000 Dearborn Public Schools fourth graders as part of its seventh annual Children’s Concert Thursday.

“When all we see around us is economic gloom, and when all we hear about are cuts in our children’s education, it is really encouraging to hear of such a special treat being made available to Dearborn students” wrote one parent.

Lisa Meyer, Music Resource teacher, praised the symphony for offering concert.

“Specialist curriculum areas in the schools have suffered many cuts, so this offers a rare opportunity for the children to be exposed to a full symphony orchestra and to hear some inspiring music from our classical heritage; a vital part of the children’s musical education,” Meyer said.

“Every year it has become harder to secure the funds, and this year we have only half of the necessary funds to cover musician fees, but the excited and attentive faces of the children make all our efforts worthwhile,” said Sandy Butler, Dearborn Symphony president.

Butler said the symphony is asking for donations to support the Children’s Concert. Contributions can be made to Dearborn Symphony Orchestra, P.O. Box 2063, Dearborn, MI, 48123.

Symphony patrons, Kiwanis Club of Dearborn, the Women’s Association for the Dearborn Orchestral Society, Dearborn Community Fund, Supt. Brian Whiston and the Dearborn Public Schools, public school PTSAs, Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. and the city of Dearborn and many volunteers have rallied together to ensure that the students can spend the morning experiencing a full symphony orchestra in concert.