Police blotter

Lincoln Park
Attackers get cell phone, pants
A man returning from work last Sunday to his house in the 1400 block of Warwick was attacked as he reached his front porch.

The man said he saw a red four-door vehicle, possibly a Dodge or Plymouth Neon, pull up to the stop sign near Lafayette. The next thing he knew he was being assaulted by “two or three” males, one short, the other taller, who struck him several times about the arms and body with a pipe or baseball bat.

They then took his $200 cell phone and a pair of pants and got back in the car and sped off west on Warwick.

Police spotted a vehicle matching the description headed south on Howard and followed as it turned north onto I-75, where they recorded the license plate number. They believe the car may be connected to other larcenies in the area.

One of the men was described as 16 to 25 years old, clean shaven with an average build and short hair. The victim described another man who stood nearby and didn’t assault him as Hispanic, about 5 feet 5 inches tall and wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt.

Copper theft thwarted in progress
A 20-year-old Westland man and a 31-year-old Wayne man were arrested Tuesday for attempting to steal copper wire from an AT&T facility at 1700 Cicotte.

Police were called about 4 a.m. on word of a break-in in progress and saw several men pushing something through Ford Motor Park and loading it into a silver 2001 Chevrolet Venture.

Officers ordered one of the men to stop and place his hands on his head. Another was standing near a playscape was detained.

A witness said he saw several males walk through the park toward the AT&T building and return to the van to load it with unknown items.

A fence around the items had been breached police said, and two large spools of copper wire were on the ground outside of it. One of the men told police he found the wire in the park.

Inside the van were five reels of copper wire, three spools of cable, one box of grounding wire, two bags of copper straps, a large wire cutter and another reel of wire. Total value of the items was $5,000.

Alarm can’t keep cash in gym
Police were called just after midnight Feb. 5 to Total Flex Gym, 13690 North Line Road, by an alarm that went off.

They checked the building and found no signs of forced entry and nothing out of place, however, and turned off the alarm. An employee arrived at work about 6 a.m. and found four or five customers already working out, and that a cash drawer containing $100 was missing.

Nothing else was out of place, the employee said, and that cash in another room was left intact.

Compressor taken from garage
An air compressor was found missing just after 11 a.m. Tuesday from a garage in the 12600 block of Irene.

Chairs stacked against a toolbox had been moved to gain access to the compressor, the owner said, and pry marks were found on the entry door handle.

Business’s shed relieved of generators
Two portable generators were stolen from a shed Jan. 22 at Fairlane Furniture Restorers, 12200 Delta Drive.

Surveillance video showed an unknown vehicle pulling into the driveway about 7:15 p.m. Someone got out, approached the front door and got back into the vehicle, which then drove south toward the shed.

A short time later, two people got out and walked toward the fence line, then pulled the generators south across the lot at 10 p.m. before putting them inside the vehicle and driving off.

Couple gives man an earful of road rage
Police were called just before noon Feb. 6 to the parking lot of Advance Auto Parts, 3665 West Road, on word that an assault was about to take place.

A Grosse Ile man said he had just left Trentwood Market, 16135 West in Woodhaven, when a dark-colored Chrysler minivan pulled behind him and began flashing its lights. He pulled into the parts store lot because his son needed to stop there anyway, he told police, and he wanted know why the van driver would do that.

The van pulled next to him after he parked, and when he rolled down his window, a couple inside began screaming profanities at him.

A woman heard the couple yelling and threaten to assault the Grosse Ile man, who had rolled up his window to prevent his 2-year-old grandson from hearing the foul language.

The Grosse Ile man then called 911 and the couple fled, but not before he man wrote down the van’s license plate number, which he turned over to police. They are described as possibly in their late 40s, dark-complected and heavyset. Witnesses all said the woman was larger and potentially more dangerous.