Historic house near park now on sale for $1

TAYLOR – One of the city’s first brick houses is up for sale for $1.

The catch is that whoever buys it from the city must agree to move from its current location at 21528 North Line Road no later than May 31.

The 2,110-square-foot, two-story, arts and crafts-style dwelling is part of the federally funded Neighborhood Stabilization Program. The program allows the city to acquire foreclosed-upon houses and either remodel or repair and sell or demolish them.

Patrick Depa, Taylor’s coordinator of community and economic development, said that if a buyer can’t be found, the city will tear it down in the spring.

But city officials hope it doesn’t come to that. They’re seeking a buyer who will relocate the house. The vacant property would then become part of the southern border of Heritage Park.

“Once the building is moved, the current basement walls, floor and footings must be demolished and removed,” Depa said. “The basement must be backfilled and the property will be graded and seeded. Then it will be integrated into the park.”

All work at the location would follow federal, state, local and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

While the 84-year-old house is not part of a historical registry, it is one of the city’s oldest. It features four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Depa admits the interior “needs some work.”

He said the city considered moving the home into the historic village portion of Heritage Park, but cannot afford it.

“We would prefer to see it reused rather than demolished,” Depa said. But at the end of the day, we may have to demolish it if we can’t find someone to take it. “The home may be of interest to someone who lives nearby who can appreciate the old arts and crafts-style home that would want to preserve the home and stay in Taylor. It is classic early 20th century architecture — and the price is right.”

Anyone interested in moving the house to a new location should contact Depa at (734) 374-1352.