City’s budget facing $1.5 million in cuts this year

Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW – Reduced property tax revenue and cuts in state-shared revenue payments have led to severe reductions in the city’s general fund revenues.

Mayor Tim Durand said Monday at a City Council study session that the cuts would need to total $1.5 million to make up for the anticipated revenue shortfall.

“We had the different department heads do different levels of cuts,” City Manager Dean Workman said, “10, 20, and 25 percent, and when I started putting everything together, it probably came down to something between 20 and 25 percent to wipe out that $1.5 million deficit.”

The cuts fall under the areas of general government, public safety, public works and recreation and culture.

General government reductions would be in the City Clerk’s Office ($80,000), finance ($80,000) and a possible $30,000 reduction in city attorney fees. Under public safety, reductions included $718,000 for police and $254,000 for fire.

The Department of Public Works reduction could be $159,000, with another possible $185,000 in cuts for building maintenance. The motor vehicles budget could be reduced $134,000, and recreation could be cut by about $114,000.

“As you can see, the cuts are going to be deep, and they’re going to be severe,” Durand said. “This is what we’re looking at right now, worst-case scenario.”